IntellSphere Group

Since 2009

Company’s specialists have more than 20-year successful experience in the sphere of IP protection.

IntellSphere Group provides the following services relative to IP protection in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

- filing of patent and utility model applications;
- filing of industrial design applications;
- filing of trademark, service mark applications and applications for appellations of origin;
- filing of applications for new plant varieties and animal breeds;
- assistance in registration of domain names;
- conducting of patent, trademark and informational searches.

IntellSphere Group acts for local and foreign companies and individuals in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of:
- patent law;
- copyright;
- neighbouring rights;
- litigations;
- technology transfer and licensing.

A high professional standard of IntellSphere Group’s personnel ensures:
- individual approach;
- high quality;
- acceptable term;
- reasonable prices.

IntellSphere Group is the modern company that teams up specialists, like-minded persons having successful professional experience in the field of IP protection.

Professional personnel of our company organize its work to take into account and use the latest trends in the field of IP protection.

The principle feature of IntellSphere Group is that what the company has managed to realize a modern approach to organization of a structure that provides a complete cycle of solving clients’ problems.

For that in our company there are specialists who can advise and prepare filing documents, offer proper solutions in nonstandard situations.

Besides, we have specialists with successful experience in adoption of innovations in economics.
Informational and analytical service has been created within IntellSphere Group for the purpose of world trend tracking and domestic market researching in the field of intellectual property.
IntellSphere Group has a wide circle of representatives abroad.

IntellSphere Group participates in a regional project in the sphere of IP protection covering Transcaucasia countries, Central Asia countries and Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. We are able to fulfil our clients' orders centrally in the said countries.

Advantages of such a cooperation are obvious especially when our clients have IP portfolio common for these countries.