Method for enzymatic hydrolysis of natural honey

Since ancient times, honey has been used as a remedy for various diseases. It is also used in our time.
Honey combines detoxifying, antibacterial and antifungal properties and is also used as an anti-viral agent.
In addition, as an alternative to insulin, it is actively used in homeopathy, recommending to take it instead of sugar for patients with diabetes mellitus.

Honey is a part of many medicines.
When studying the chemical structure of honey, it was found that its main components are carbohydrates with antitoxic properties.
In the course of experimental studies, we managed to isolate a group of inverted (inverted) honey carbohydrates.
These studies formed the basis of the present invention.
The invention relates to biotechnology and medicine, namely to methods of enzymatic hydrolysis of natural honey, and can be used in medicine, agriculture, pharmacology and cosmetology.
The substance is obtained by fermentation of natural honey according to the original method.

Contains the main carbohydrates of honey in inverted form.
It is currently used as the basis of an injection drug.
The medicine has a pronounced antioxidant effect, helps to stabilize and improve metabolism in liver cells, enhances the antitoxic function of the liver.
Quickly normalizes the level of enzymes in the blood.
Reduces the intensity and accelerates the disappearance of the clinical manifestations of hepatitis.
Relieves toxic effects in case of various poisoning, promotes rapid restoration of liver cell function.
It is used in the treatment of acute and chronic viral hepatitis, poisoning of various etiologies, acute toxicosis in pregnant women, for the quick relief of hangover syndrome, with post-narcotic intoxication, etc.

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